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1 Role Play (RP) on Sat Apr 02, 2011 5:02 am

The Anonymous

Top Dog

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plane preparing for takeoff ahead. Minutes later, the plane rolls off
the runway, taking flight, as RighteousMan117 prepares himself mentally
and spiritually for the mission ahead>

[1250 Military Time, Mission is in progress]

altitude of the C-5 Galaxy he is riding in. The Paratroopers must be
close to the area of operation now. He peers out of the window of the
plane, seeing the barrage of Tank fire crack against the landscape in
the ground below. Seeing those guns fire reminded him of his own
weapons, which he now realized he had forgot to prepare, hastily he
attached his ACOG Scope to this M249 Para Machine Gun, and he cocked
his Taurus Raging Bull in preparation. He checked his ammo belt to see
if his 2 M7 Frag Grenades and 1 Smoke grenade were in place, and they
were, so he was ready. Those weapons he had weren't his load-out, but
rather they were his equipment from the US Army Rangers that he just
got a 3 Month Pass from.>

"5 Seconds till deployment! Look sharp!" An officer yelled.

their war faces. In a matter of seconds, Squad 4 of 'Angry Company' dropped from the plane, and
some time later their parachutes were seem popping into the sky. About
10 seconds later, it was Hawk's turn. He got up, ran to the
door, and leaped out, with his parachute erupting into the sky soon
after. He landed in a crater, about a yard deep and 2 yards wide. It
was hot, and created by an explosion that had taken place not long ago.
Soon an unknown tango opened fire upon his newfound foxhole.>

blind-fired over his foxhole, afterwards hearing a cry of pain from his
assailant. He then pulled his knife out and charged the enemy, stabbing
him in the neck before he could retaliate. After the kill he was shot
in the chest by a sniper in a nearby bombed-out building. Fortunately
his IOTV caught the 7.62x51 Round, and he was able to get back into his
foxhole. Pulling his back off his back he reached into it and retrieved
his entrenching tool. He used it to dig his foxhole deeper, until it
was 4 and 1 half feet deep. He now lay prone in his new establishment,
knowing that the sniper was awaiting his counter attack. He wouldn't
fall for it. He reached to his ammo belt and pulled off his 1 Smoke
grenade. He then pulled its pin and threw it to his slight right, just
outside of his foxhole. 5 Seconds later it covered a section of the
street in red smoke and he charged right into it, running through it
while praying that there was a correctly angled piece of cover on the
other end of the smoke. The only thing viable was a car that had the
passenger's side door blown off. The only option was to charge into it,
hit the floorboard, and wait for someone to see the red smoke.>

he/she was now delivering straight shots at the car, hoping the rounds
would penetrate in places that would hurt RighteousMan117. It was by
miracle that a lost member of Squad 4 happened to see the red smoke,
and saw that the the sniper was not wearing proper GASF insignia, a red
flag. Immediately deciding that the Sniper was an enemy, he opened fire
on the foe with his UMP .45 Submachine Gun, which didn't kill the
sniper, but rather forced him/her to fall back to cover. Hawk was able to jump out of the battered vehicle, and join
up with his comrade. The two charged through the marred landscape to
get away from the sniper as quickly as possible.

Now a few blocks away they took cover by garrisoning a ruined
building. Hawk radioed in to get a bearing as well as some

"This is Hawk of 'Angry Company'. I am with a operative
of Squad 4 and am requesting coordinates to mission objective. I also
need to know who we are fighting, as well as how much resistance to
expect, and how many friendly forces are invested in this operation. I
do not believe I was briefed fully. Repeat, this is Hawk of
Angry Company, requesting orders and coordinates if applicable."

2 Re: Role Play (RP) on Sat Apr 02, 2011 5:05 am

The Anonymous

Top Dog
I did not make this one of my soldiers did on Gaia.

3 Re: Role Play (RP) on Sat Apr 02, 2011 5:10 am

The Anonymous

Top Dog
I roll down my windshield of the Humvee and tell tailsmen "Okay, I will
give those terrorist there last breath." I turn straight around and
drive to base, driving on all bumps and ditches as my Humvee goes up
and down rocking from right to left. I get to the base after driving
for 6 or 7 minutes I see that there is my very own A-10_Thunderbolt_II,
I glace at the silver aircraft plane waiting for me to jump in. I go to
the armory room and look around if there is pilot clothes for me. Of
the corner of my eye I see pilot suit and a gas mask helmet, I quickly
run to the locker room with both suit and gas mask helmet in my right
hand, were the other soldiers get changed and first I put on the suit
with no problem and then I walk outside to get a last look at the
A-10_Thunderbolt_II and then I throw on the gas mask helmet.

I open the lid of the aircraft plane and get in it, I buckle up and
turn on the radio to talk to tailsmen, RighteousMan117, private_luffy
and Toxic Gas-GASF-. "Okay guys I am in my plane, a A-10_Thunderbolt_II
and soon all those rotten terrorist will be dead." As I start to lift
up in the aircraft plane by pulls up the handle, As I am the sky high
enough I can't see nothing so I radio and Sgt that is a radio man in
the battefield right now. "Okay give me directions on where the
terrorist are." "They are far north eastern part of the battlefield all
in one big group not spread out, you hit them with at least one bomb of
yours it will kill them all." Sgt said "Thank you, I have them on my
radar now." As I fly through the sky I see the right below me on the
radar so I unleash two aircraft bombs by push a button on the handle.
The bombs fly all the way to the ground hitting the big group of
terrorist. As the bomb hits our soldier take cover behind the wall of
tanks and non of our soldier die from the 2 bombs that was just
released. I talk through the radio on my helmet to all of the soldiers
that have radio's. "We Have done it, it's all over those 2 bombs wipe
them all out. Please patrol the area if there are any terrorists that
are alive and get our men that have fallen. I will see you at base."

As I turn my plane right around I start to fly right back to base
airport landing, I slowly go down trying to land the
A-10_Thunderbolt_II as some soldier help me by directing me where to
go. I open the lid to the aircraft plane as I unbuckle, I jump out and
take out the helmet and run into my office to make a sort announcement.
I get in my office and pick up the black mic and presses the button.
"Guys we have done it, we who all is here it is over no more battle
here. There are still a lot of soldiers out in the battlefield cleaning
up but here we are and soon I will have a count of how many of our man
fallen. For now clean up the base and the returning vehicles." As I put
down the mic and sit in my desk sit waiting for the other soldiers to
return to base.

This is one that I made, while my guild was doing a RP topic.

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4 Re: Role Play (RP) on Sat Apr 02, 2011 5:11 am

The Anonymous

Top Dog
If you need help with any Role Playing come to me and I will be glad to teach you or help you in any kind of way.

5 Re: Role Play (RP) on Mon Apr 11, 2011 2:06 pm


What do you mean by soldiers on Gaia?

6 Re: Role Play (RP) on Mon Apr 11, 2011 5:19 pm

The Anonymous

Top Dog
On Gaia, I am in the Military and I have 125 soldiers meaning they work for me.

7 Re: Role Play (RP) on Mon Apr 11, 2011 8:08 pm


i.o weird..

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