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1 Coding/colors etc. on Fri Apr 08, 2011 10:51 am

The Anonymous

Top Dog
pink, lightpink, palevioletred, hotpink, deeppink, red, tomato, crimson, firebrick, indianred

darkred, maroon, brown, sienna, saddlebrown, rosybrown, tan, darkkhaki, BurlyWood, chocolate, peru, darkgoldenrod

lightcoral, coral, lightsalmon, salmon, darksalmon,
orangered, darkorange, orange, sandybrown, goldenrod, khaki, gold, yellow

greenyellow, lightgreen, lawngreen, chartreuse, lime, springgreen, mediumspringgreen,
limegreen, green, forestgreen, darkgreen,
seagreen, mediumseagreen, darkseagreen,
olive, olivedrab, darkolivegreen

azure, aliceblue, lightcyan, paleturquoise, lightblue, lightsteelblue, powderblue, cyan, aqua, aquamarine, turquoise, lightskyblue, skyblue, mediumaquamarine,
mediumturquoise, darkturquoise, deepskyblue, cadetblue, cornflowerblue, steelblue, slateblue, mediumslateblue,royalblue, dodgerblue, lightseagreen, teal,darkcyan, blue, mediumblue,darkslateblue, navy, darkblue, midnightblue

indigo, blueviolet, mediumpurple, mediumorchid, purple, darkmagenta, darkviolet, darkorchid, lavender, thistle, plum, violet, orchid, magenta, fuchsia, mediumvioletred

darkslategray, dimgray, gray, slategray, darkgray, silver

These colors can be put into your posts using a simple code:

[color=(insertcolorhere)]Your Written Text[/color]

However, there are more than just colors that you can put into your posts to make them more unique:

Bold Letters
[b]Your bolded text here[/b]

Italicized Letters
[i]Your italicized text here[/i]

Underlined Letters
[u]Your underlined text here[/u]

Striked out Letters
[strike]Your striked out text here[/strike]

You can also change the size:

From the Ginormous size 28

To the Microscopic size 1

You can do any size with this code:
[size=A number 1-28]Text[/size]

You can also change the alignment of your text:

There's the align Center, which makes your text neatly centered.

This is the default, align left. You shouldn't really need this code much

This is align right, like align left, but on the opposite side.

You can even add images:

[img] Things I Made In Paint/Picture.jpg[/img]

There's quotes:

This One Dude

person speaking wrote:LalalalalalalallaBLAH

I know it's not super organized but it's got the basics for the Coding Gaia uses in it Forums.

Coding itself:

There are three basic parts to coding. Open, Text, Close. With these three parts, the coding won't work.
[color=(insert color here)], [b], [u], [i], [strike], [img], etc.

Text: Obvious
Blah blah blah, whatever you're planning on saying in your post

[/color], [/b], [/u], [/i], [/strike], [/img], etc (always have a / in the code for the end)

Without these three components your code could look like this:

The girl walked [i]home[/i] from school, but she rode the bus to school. Her [u]mother didn't want her to, but her father[/u] approved of getting some fresh air.
[color=darkre]The girl walked [i]home[/i] from school,
 but she rode the bus[/i] to school. Her [u]mother didn't want her to,
but her father[/u] approved of getting some fresh air.[/color]

Fixing these problems:

The girl walked home from school, but she rode the bus to school. Her mother didn't want her to, but her father approved of getting some fresh air.

[color=darkred]The girl walked [i]home[/i] from school, but she rode the
 [i]bus[/i] to school. Her [u]mother[/u] didn't want her to, but her
[u]father[/u] approved of getting some fresh air.[/color]

I didn't make this, one of my friends on Gaia did. I thought it would help anyone of you, maybe not on this site because all of this is on the top but, it's here if you need it.

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