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SWAT officers fired at least 71 shots at Jose Guerena, a former U.S. Marine.
Former US Marine Gunned Down By Swat with Video 14643812_BG4
Initially the Sheriff’s office told reporters that Guerena had threatened officers with a gun, but their story has since changed. Apparently one of the SWAT team’s deputies accidentally fired his gun, leading to confusion. Other deputies began firing on the home, where wife Vanessa and their four-year-old son hid in a closet. Jose Guerena was shot 60 times. Officers fired a total of 71 rounds into the home. Jose died while medics waited outside, prevented by the deputies from entering the home for over an hour after the shooting. They were not permitted to enter the home until they had already learned that Jose was dead. Jose Guerena was 26. He is survived by his wife Vanessa and their two sons. No drugs were found in their home, and the family had no criminal record. Indeed, the only record Guerena had was his military record. He survived two tours in Iraq, but could not survive our War on Drugs.

in other words.. an innocent american hero murdered by the police state


That is Bullshit...:/

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