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1Black Jokes Empty Black Jokes on Mon Nov 07, 2011 5:06 am


Okay, so theres a burning building, and theres 4 people trapped on the top floor, and firefighters on the ground with trampolines to catch people. So, one fireman goes up to help the people jump. the for people are a White guy, an asian, a mexican and a Black Guy. So the firefighter ontop tells the white guy to jump. So he jumps, and they catch him. Next, the Mexican Jumps, and they catch him, he goes to the asian, tells him to jump, he jumps and they catch him. Finally, the black guy, he tells the black guy to jump, so he does, then the firefighters on the bottom with the trampoline quickly move to the side and the black guy lands face first on the ground, "Dont throw down the Burnt Ones!" they said to the firefighter ontop..

who here has some funny black jokes?

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 » Off topic » Garbage » Black Jokes

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